Class IX: Chap 1 – States of Matter

Matter in our Surroundings covers topics like what is matter, characteristic properties of matter, States of Matter, Change of State of matter and Evaporation. We cover all these topics in depth. If you have any queries due leave them at the comments. We will positively answer it. Also sharing is caring. Share these notes with friends in facebook.


The Physics paper for Class 12 this will have a total of 26 Questions having a total of 70 Marks broken into to 5 Sections.

The questions will be of 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks, 4 marks and 5 marks each. If you have handle the Section C having 12 questions of 3 marks each, then you will surely score upward of and easy 55 marks this year in the Board Exam.

Class X Chemistry: Acids, Bases and Salts – the Basics

To understand Acids, Bases and Salts we need to understand first, how to differentiate between these three category of compounds. So here in the Basics, we start with Indicators, which when used can differentiate between Acids, Bases and Salts and then move to a more scientific method used in the pH Scale. If you want to know more…Read on.