Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Important Question on the Chapter Magnetic Effects of Electric Current expected for Class X CBSE Board Exam 2020.

2019 Datesheet for CBSE Board Exam: Class X and Class XII

Datesheet 2019

Datesheet informing the dates of board examination 2019 of various subjects to be conducted for CBSE are out. Know more here and learn how to prepare for the board examination.

CLASS X: Datesheet

The date of exams for Class X Board Examination 2018 are now out. Few things you should note about the datesheet. First, the gap days should be used methodically and second, you should have a plan. The Board Exam is just 60 days from now. Good Luck and give your Best.

Sources of Energy

A good source of energy would be one with (i) A large amount of work per unit volume or mass; (ii) easily accessible; (iii) easy to store and transport; and (iv) economical.

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