2019 Datesheet for CBSE Board Exam: Class X and Class XII

Datesheet 2019

Datesheet informing the dates of board examination 2019 of various subjects to be conducted for CBSE are out. Know more here and learn how to prepare for the board examination.

Biogeochemical Cycles

Biogeochemical Cycles

A biogeochemical cycle is a pathway by which a chemical substance moves through biotic (living world) and abiotic (lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere – non-living) components of Earth. Such cyclic flow involves the transfer of matter and energy between the different components of the biosphere.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Resources provided by nature on Earth which can be utilized by living organisms to sustain their life are called natural resources. These include air, water, soil, sunlight, minerals, etc. All these resources are found accumulated in different layers of Earth.

Food Resources

Food Resources_mod

There are various types of food resources available to man. Here we discuss how to improve crop yield and animal husbandry to increase food resources available to man.

Disease and Its Causes

Diseases and their causes

Disease refers to any condition that disturbs or modifies the normal functioning of the living organisms. Each organ system of our body has specific organs to perform particular functions. In the presence of a disease, functioning or the appearance of one or more systems of the body may change. These changes give rise to symptoms and signs of disease.

Health – the Basics

Health_the basics

Health is the state of proper functioning of body and mind. Any malfunctioning at the level of cells, organs or organ systems can be caused by various agents/factors.

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