OUR ENVIRONMENT – 5 Mark Questions

Q1. Suggest any five activities in daily life, which are eco-friendly.      

Q2. Name the wastes which are generated in your house daily. What measures would take for their disposal. 

Q3. (a) What is ‘environmental pollution’?

         (b) Distinguish between biodegradable and non-biodegradable pollutants.  ·

         (c) Choose the non-biodegradable pollutants from the list given below

Paper, DDT, Radioactive waste, Plastic, Insecticides.

Q4. (a) What are consumers? What will be the consequence of the absence of primary consumers in an ecosystem?

         (b) What will be the direction of energy transfer in each of the following cases?

(i) Grasshopper eaten by a frog

(ii) Deer feeds on grass

(iii) Deer eaten by a Lion

Q5.   What is environment? What type of substances are the major pollutants of the environment?

Q6.   An industry is being established near a town. How can the wastes generated from this industry affect the local environment?

Q7.   Categorise some of the activities performed by you as an eco-friendly person. Suggest some more eco-friendly activities which we should adopt in day-to-day life.


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