Q1. Give one example each from reuse and recycle,  respectively. 

Q2. List any four harms of destruction of forests.

Q3. List any four stakeholders which may help in conservation of forests?     

Q4. Hydroelectric power is also an indirect form of solar energy. How?

Q5.  Why do we need alternative sources of energy?

Q6. Name a  greenhouse gas.  What happens when its amount increases in the atmosphere?

Q7. How does mining cause pollution?

Q8. ‘Religious beliefs help in the conservation of forest biodiversity’. Justify.

Q9. Use of green and blue coloured dustbin is a good practice and reduces the environment pollution. Justify.

Q10.  Describe  briet1y the  ‘Khadin’ system of rainwater harvesting practised in Rajasthan.

Q11.   List four changes you would incorporate in your lifestyle in a   move towards sustainable use of available resources.

Q12. Distinguish between inexhaustible and exhaustible resources.

Q13. To achieve sustainable development, can you suggest what steps should be taken?

Q14. List activities that have led to the contamination of the river Ganga.

Q15. What important message is conveyed by Amrita Devi Bishnoi Award for wildlife conservation?

Q16. What was the cause behind the Chipko Andolan and what happened during it? What was the result of the movement?

Q17. Suggest some precautionary measures which should be taken while harvesting rainwater.

Q18. List measures to conserve electricity in your house?

Q19. Carbon dioxide is considered as toxic to mankind. Explain.

Q20. What is   ‘Sustainable  Management of   Natural Resources’ ? Why is it necessary? What one out of reuse and recycle, would you practise in your daily life and why? 

Q21. Name a few changes in habits you can undertake to become more environment-friendly?

Q22. (i) Name any two fossil fuels. Why are they so-called?

            (ii) Mention the role of forests in conserving the environment. How do the forest get depleted?

Q23.  (a) Which is the most rapidly dwindling natural resource in the world?

            (b) State the meaning of sustainable management or development.

Q24. Forest resources ought to be used judiciously. Give reason.

Q25.       What is water harvesting? Write any two advantages of it.


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