Class X : Chemistry

1. Chemical Reactions and Equations1. Chemical Equations

2. Types of Chemical Reactions
1. Worksheet 1
2. Acids Bases and Salts1. Acids, Bases and Salts - the Basics
2. Acids
3. Bases
4. Salts
1. Worksheet 1
3. Metals and Non-Metals1. Metals
2. Non-Metals
3. Ionic Compounds
4. Metallurgy
4. Carbon and its Compounds1. Carbon
2. Hydrocarbons
3. Carbon Compounds
4. Soaps & Detergents
5. Periodic Classification of Elements1. Classification of Elements

Class X : Biology

6. Life Processes1.Life Process in Plants
2.Life Process in Animals
7. Control and Coordination1.Control and Coordination in Animals
2.Control and Coordination in Plants
8. How do Organisms Reproduce1.Heredity
9. Heredity and Evolution1.Asexual Reproduction
2.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
3.Sexual Reproduction in Humans

Class X: Physics

10. Light Reflection and Refraction1.Light - An Introduction
2.Light - Sign Convention
3.Light - Mirrors Plane and Spherical
3.Reflection by Plane Mirror
4.Light - Reflection by Concave Mirror
5.Light - Reflection by Convex Mirror
6.Light - Comparing Concave and Convex Mirrors
7.Light- Mirror Formula and Magnification
8.Light -Refraction and Refractive Index
9.Light - Refraction by Concave Lens
10.Light - Refraction by Convex Lens
11.Light - Lens Formula and Power of a Lens
11. Human Eye and Colourful World1.Human Eye
2.Defects of Vision
3.Light through a Prism
4.Atmospheric Refraction
5.Scattering of Light
12. Electricity1.Electricity - An Introduction
2.Ohm's Law and Resistivity
3. Combination of Resistors
4.Heating Effects
13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current1.Magnets and Magnetic Fields
2.Magnetic Field through a Current Carrying Conductor
3.Electric Motor
4.Electro Magnetic Induction [EMI]
5.Electric Generator
6.Domestic Circuits
14. Sources of Energy1.Sources of Energy
15. Our Environment1.Our Environment
16. Management of Natural Resources1.Management of Natural Resources
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