Q1. “Carbon tetrachloride is not a good conductor of electricity”. Justify?

Q2. Why is fullerene so called?

Q3. What is the composition of natural gas used for cooking?

Q4.  What do you mean by the term soapless soaps?

Q5. What is the disadvantage of detergents over soaps?

Q6. Molecular formula of a hydrocarbon is C3H8   Write is name and draw its complete structure.

Q7. Write the name and structure of an alcohol with three carbon atoms in its molecule.

Q8. Name the functional group present in CH3COCH3 and state the name of this compound.

Q9. Why are mineral acids stronger acids than carboxylic acids?

Q10. Why do alkanes burn with blue or clean flame?

Q11.   How two successive members of a homologous series differ from each other?

Q12.   Graphite is a covalent molecule but a good conductor of electricity. Why?

Directions (Q. Nos.  13- 17)  In the following questions a statement of Assertion is

followed by a statement of Reason. Mark the correct choice as:          

(a) If both  Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion.

(b)  If both Assertion and Reason are true but Reason is not the correct explanation of Assertion.

(c)  If Assertion is true but Reason is false.

(d)  If Reason is true but Assertion is false.

(e) If both  Assertion and Reason are false.

Q13. Assertion: Branched-chain alkanes have lower boiling points.

            Reason: As molecular size decreases, boiling point increases.

Q14. Assertion: Olefins have the general formula  CnH2n

            Reason: There is one triple bond between two carbon atoms in their molecules.

Q15.  Assertion: Denatured alcohol is Ethyl Alcohol when mixed with Methanol

             Reason: Denaturing of alcohol prevents misuse of alcohol meant for Industrial use.

Q16.  Assertion: Acetic Acid is an inorganic solvent.

             Reason: Inorganic chemicals are soluble in Acetic Acid.

Q17.  Assertion: Cleaning action of soaps is due to formation of miscelles.

             Reason: Miscelles are formed when hydrophilic part of the soap molecule

Q14. When you add a few drops of  acetic acid to a test-tube containing sodium bicarbonate powder, which one of the following is your observation?

(a ) No reaction takes place.

(b) A  colourless gas with pungent smell is released with brisk effervescence.

(c) A  brown coloured gas is released with brisk effervescence.

Q15. Choose the correct general formula of alkane.

(a) CnH2n-2           

(b) C2nH2n+2

(c) CnH2n       

(d) CnH2n+2

Q16. According to given figure,  how many electrons are being shared by each oxygen.

(a) 2        

(b) 3                          

(c)  1                 

(d) 4


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