Q1. The Government of Delhi and Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) have converted passenger buses into CNG based vehicles. Give reasons for such a decision. ls CNG an ideal fuel according to you? Comment.

Q2. What are the environmental consequences of using fossil fuels? Suggest the steps to minimise the pollution caused by fossil fuels which causes global warming.

Q3.  (i) Describe the steps involved in obtaining bio-gas and explain what is meant by anaerobic decomposition.

          (ii) Which isotope of uranium can undergo fission readily?

Q4. A student has setup a model of box-type solar cooker. He used a black translucent plastic sheet to cover the open face of the box. He found that this cooker does not function well. What modification should he make to enhance its efficiency? Give reason. Mention the maximum temperature that can be reached in a box-type solar cooker.

Q5.         A certain form of energy is available due to the difference in the temperature of water at the surface of the ocean and its deeper levels.    

(i)  Name the form of energy.

(ii)  Is this energy ultimately derived from the sun or not?

(iii)  Explain, how this form of energy can be converted into electricity?


Q1. Suggest any five activities in daily life, which are eco-friendly.      

Q2. Name the wastes which are generated in your house daily. What measures would take for their disposal. 

Q3. (a) What is ‘environmental pollution’?

         (b) Distinguish between biodegradable and non-biodegradable pollutants.  ·

         (c) Choose the non-biodegradable pollutants from the list given below

Paper, DDT, Radioactive waste, Plastic, Insecticides.

Q4. (a) What are consumers? What will be the consequence of the absence of primary consumers in an ecosystem?

         (b) What will be the direction of energy transfer in each of the following cases?

(i) Grasshopper eaten by a frog

(ii) Deer feeds on grass

(iii) Deer eaten by a Lion

Q5.   What is environment? What type of substances are the major pollutants of the environment?

Q6.   An industry is being established near a town. How can the wastes generated from this industry affect the local environment?

Q7.   Categorise some of the activities performed by you as an eco-friendly person. Suggest some more eco-friendly activities which we should adopt in day-to-day life.


Q1.  What is the importance of forests as a resource?

Q2. Suggest a few steps that should be involved in a successful forest conservation strategy.

Q3.  Prepare a list of five activities that you ‘ perform daily in which natural resources can be conserved or energy utilisation can be minimised.             

Q4. On the environment. day, i.e. 5th  June, every year,  your school organics various activities related to  Earth,   ecosystem and environment,  etc.,  like best out of waste, paper machetes and several others. What purpose do you think is served by this measure?.

Q5. How can you as an individual contribute or make a difference to the management of

(a) forests and wildlife,

(b)  water resources and

(c) coal and petroleum?

Q6. (a)   In the context of conservation of natural resources, explain the terms reduce,  recycle and reuse.

         (b) Why is conservation of water necessary? State any four reasons.

Q7. We saw in this chapter that there are four main stakeholders when it comes to forests and wildlife. Which among these should have the authority to decide the management of forest produce? Why do you think so?

Q8. What is the dam?  Why do we seek to build large dams? While building large dams, which three main problems should particularly be addressed to maintain peace among local people? Mention them.

Q9. Give the answers.

(a) Name the 3 Rs that will help us to conserve natural resources for the long term use.

(b) Recycling of articles results in wastage of energy and money therefore, one should practice reuse. Justify.

(c) Write two advantages of dams.

Q10. Forest resources ought to be used in a manner that is both environmentally and developmentally sound. Explain this briefly.

Q11.       List instances where human intervention saved the forest from destruction.

Q12.       Why are environmentalists insisting upon sustainable natural resource management? Give reasons.

Q13.       Give reasons for switching over from fossil fuels to other sources of energy.


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