Health – the Basics

Health is the state of proper functioning of body and mind. Any malfunctioning at the level of cells, organs or organ systems can be caused by various agents/factors. These could be infection by microorganisms, stress or any other agent leading to the state of illness and health failure. This condition is known as disease. In order to ensure smooth functioning of our body, we must understand the various aspects of health and disease.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity as defined by the WHO (World Health Organisation;1948). Thus, being healthy means that one should feel good physically, mentally and socially.

Significance of Health
Good health has the following advantages:

(i) It increases our working efficiency. It helps us to perform various activities at our best.
(ii) It helps us to cope up with the social and mental pressures without much difficulty.
(iii) It makes our life joyful.


The health of every individual depends on his personal habits, economic status and physical environment. Personal health refers to the overall well-being of an individual. But human beings live in communities, therefore, the health of the community is also an important factor for an individual’s health.

Community health refers to the maintenance, protection and improvement (Overall well-being) of the whole community in which an individual life.

Various factors that affect an individual’s health are as follows:

(i) Social environment: Our physical environment is decided by our surrounding. The place where we live (i.e., villages, towns or cities) is an important factor in our individual health.
(ii) Public cleanliness: The possibility of poor health increases if no agency ensures that garbage is collected and disposed.  Open drain-water lying stagnant around us also causes health issues. Therefore, public cleanliness is important for individual health.
(iii) Good economic conditions and jobs: Hygienic food can be earned by doing work. For this, work opportunities should be available. This ensures good individual health.
(iv) Social equality and harmony: In order to keep ourselves healthy, we need to be happy. For this, we should maintain good relations with our society. We should nor mistreat each other.

Distinctions between Healthy and Disease-Free
The word disease, i.e. disturbed ease means being uncomfortable and not at ease. A disease has a specific and particular cause for discomfort.  However, being disease-free does not necessarily mean being healthy. The differences between the two conditions are tabulated below:

Healthy Vs Disease

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