Class X Biology: One Mark Questions


Q1.      Name the green dot-like structures in some cells observed by a student when a leaf peel was viewed under a microscope.  What is this green colour due to?

Q2.      State the basic difference between the process of respiration and photosynthesis.

Q3.      Name the intermediate and the end products of glucose breakdown in aerobic respiration.

Q4.      Why are bacteria and fungi called decomposers?

Q5.      Mention any one point of difference between Pepsin and Trypsin.


Q6.      What will happen to a plant if its xylem is removed?

Q7.      Name two tissues that provide control and coordination in multicellular animals.

Q8.      How is the spinal cord protected in the human body?

Q9.      Name any two types of tropism.

Q10.    Name one plant growth hormone which retards growth during extremely dry season.

Q11.    Name the information source for making proteins in the cells.


Q12.    List two functions performed by the testis in human beings.

Q13.    Give reason for the statement- Since the ovary releases one egg every month, the uterus also prepares itself every month by making its lining thick and spongy.

Q14.    Name the method by which Plasmodium reproduces. Is this method sexual or asexual?

Q15.    Give an example of a flower which contains both stamens and carpels.


Q16.    Why is variation beneficial for the species, but not necessarily for the individual?

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