Light – Mirrors Plane and Spherical

We cover types of Mirrors, their properties, and their uses.

1. There are many kinds of Mirrors. We restrict our attention to two types – Plane Mirrors and Spherical Mirrors.

2. A plane mirror is a glass sheet whose one side is silvered. It is called a Plane mirror because the reflecting surface is a two-dimension plane in the shape of a square or a rectangle or a Circle or Ellipse. It is represented like this
Plane Mirror-01
3. Spherical Mirrors are mirrors which have a curved reflecting surface. There are two kinds of spherical Mirrors. Concave Mirror and Convex Mirrors are two types of spherical Mirrors.

4. Concave Mirror is shaped like a spoon facing the observer. It is represented like this

Concave Mirror-01Convex Mirror_modern
5. Convex Mirror is again shaped like a spoon, whose backside is facing the observer.

6. We need various kinds of mirrors because we can use them for different purposes. Plane Mirror is used in toilets where you can see yourself except that the image is laterally inverted. It means that if you show alphabets of English they will appear to be laterally inverted. Remember, the Ambulances are written in Van in laterally inverted form so that when seen through the convex mirror of the Car or Bike it looks as “AMBULANCE”.

Lateral Inversion
7. Concave Mirrors are used in rearview mirrors in motor vehicles. Convex Mirrors are used by dentists.

8. I would suggest that you go and touch the plane mirror in your washroom and concave mirror in the motor vehicle. You can surely feel the physical difference.

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