Chemistry SA 2

Note: Board Exams have been reintroduced for Class X from the year 2018.  This post was useful before the Board Exam were done away with.  Keep that in Mind.

This time around it would be Chemistry which is the most difficult portion among the Science syllabus. First, the Periodic Table though initially easy to grasp but with Mendeleev and Modern Periodic Tables becomes a little confusing as we start to consider the variation of properties long groups and periods.  Carbon Compounds is complex to understand if it is not taught in the break-up method of Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes and Functional Groups.  But then,  it’s only a bit work and persistence which will pay.  So for you, I have compiled last two years papers specifically for Chemistry.  The question paper is in PDF (portable document format).  I prefer the *.pdf files because they retain the formatting style.  Though u will need a pdf reader for it. You may go for the Adobe Reader or the Foxit Reader.  Go through the questions as an assessment for revision and in case of difficulty do post ur comments.  Good Luck.


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