Some of my thoughts on education

The news today about the way entrance examination  will be conducted for IITs and role of Class XII board results playing an important role has caught my attention.  It is not that the thought and the idea is benign and will come into effect only in 2011, but the discussion that this is being done to cut off  IIT coaching institutes looks a bit far fetched.  In this country ,  until the quality of education improves dramatically in the government run education system, there will be someone who will use this opportunity for handsome monetary gain.

Students of  good Public Schools will face the problem of the new rules.  Even if they don’t get good marks, their parents will ensure that their wards get admission in a good engineering/ medical college by paying  a good capitation fee.  My heart goes to those poor kids, who if they make it to an IIT  but score poorly in the XII Board have nowhere to go or run.  No idea, what this may bring upon them.

Just some thoughts on the people I have met who have got a good life today because they could make it to a good profession institution by passing an all India entrance examination, who were otherwise from poor background and did not get marks in the range of 70-80 percent…



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